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Which robot mower should I buy?

So my plan to buy a robot mower was solid. Now the question arises, which robot mower should I buy?

Before the choice was made, the necessary characteristics had to be clarified. Fortunately, there were not many.

Price – So that you don’t have to go to the fast noodle diet because of the robot’s purchase. 🙂 Mowing area, we have 700-800 square meters. Adding a small reserve of ~1,000 square meters.

Can avoid major obstacles – children still leave something lying on the lawn.

Rain sensor – because some places on the lawn accumulate water with higher rainfall and the robot would be wise to wait until the lawn dries.

After thorough examination of the pages of the various producers and sellers, the following models remained on the sieve:

In a few weeks, I looked at these models from different pages and youtube. The final choice turned out to be in Worx’s favor.


  • A shifted blade versus the other blade in the middle – cutting the edges cleaner.
  • Starting can be easier and, if necessary, can be purchased with different attachments.
  • I liked the fact that the battery is a normal Worx tool battery and it’s easy to swap versus many others with a battery in the robot and the change is more complicated.
  • A reasonable price.

So I’ve been looking for a suitable e-shop and I’ve made an order. In addition, I also ordered an anti-collision supplement (ACS), which was at that time at a discount price.