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Good days.

The first few days of mowing went by without incident. But then the problems began with the robot mower. Almost every time in the meadow, there were messages on the phone, such as: 
Mower Trapped, Mower lifted, Upside down, Blade motor blocked, Outside working area!


Bad days.

On the contrary – most of these reports were caused by their inexperience and inability to foresee the problem places of the robot. 

He repeatedly drove himself between a pine tree and a bush of beauty. I tried to create a temporary obstacle by placing buckets that were turned over, but despite the acs, Roger was able to get the buckets out of the way and get stuck.

The second place that caused problems was the relatively narrow passageway between the dog’s garden and the fence of the plot, which also had quite soft soil. 

Also, on some occasions, the ground dimples on the bases of swings proved problematic.

The blocking of the mower blades was caused by branches falling from the trees by the wind, and sometimes by pine cones, which got between the blade and the safety frame.

Problem solving.

In the meantime, I got more fencing wire, and at the weekend I was working on installing it.

I also relocated the cable in the problem areas. 

I didn’t allow a robot behind the dog’s fence anymore – because there’s not much grass in it, it seemed reasonable. 

In addition, several new islands had to be created where the robot would otherwise get stuck before reaching the tree – rather, it climbed up the roots and gave a notice that the mower had been lifted or turned upside down. 

In order to create islands, the fencing cable could be cut open from a suitable location to install the necessary cable on the island and the ends could be continued with a waterproof connection.

After the new islands and the rest of the fence, the situation became much better: the daily alarms disappeared. It wasn’t quite the weather, but occasionally some fallen cones or branches sprinkled down by the wind got caught in the blade, but it rarely happened.

There were also a couple of droplets in which the robot could get stuck. These puddles required a bit of soil to fill and grass seed, and this solved the problem.