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Roger (the robot lawn mower) first mow

Initial cable installation completed (described in previous post), it was time for the robot to do the first mowing. Although the lawn was already longer than recommended, I decided not to mow the lawn before the first mowing and see if the robot can handle a little longer lawn. 

In the meantime, we had given the robot a name, the younger son looked and reported that it was completely Roger’s face, and so it remained. 

I picked up Roger’s charging station, pressed the power, and after the security code was inserted, I pressed the launch. 

The robot mower confirmed the understanding of the order with a few beeps and manoeuvred out of the loading station.

The mower drove around quite chaotically – when it reached the barrier or the fence, it changed direction. At first, the eye explained some cut paths in the lawn. I had to go to save her once, too, when she got stuck in a dump. The robot moved around in the garden for a few hours and then moved on to load.

Visually, the lawn looked relatively ugly, partly on the lower tracks, partly on the grass.

I set up a robot to mow twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, to achieve a better result faster ( Hopefully).

I decided I’d let him do this for a week. During this week, I had to rescue robot quite a few times. But that’s what we’ll talk about in the next post.