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Why choose a robot mower?

The robot mower likes to work.

A robot likes to do a job that people may not enjoy so much. Before a robot can start doing his job, one effort is needed – installation. 

To do this, you need to find a location on the lawn edge of the loading station with electricity. Where necessary, the competent electrician shall be allowed to install the electrical socket with the wires. 

A barrier cable shall also be installed, starting and ending at the loading station. Some models also have a lead wire that leads to the robot’s charging station. More detailed information on the installation of the barrier and the conductor wire can be found in the robot’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

The robot mower is user-friendly.

After the first installation, the robot mower doesn’t need much attention. He performs independently according to the scheduled schedule. Some models also monitor the weather forecast and can predict the rate of grass growth. According to these data, the densities of the mowing are adjusted.

If you have a garden party coming, the robot can be sent to the loading station either from the phone app or from the button on the robot.

Also, there’s no problem with the robot mower that it doesn’t start, or that the oil wants to change. 

The robot mower goes to the loading station itself when it detects that the battery is about to be emptied.

Robot mowers are safe.

You might think that a robot mower that just drives around can’t be safer than a regular mower, but the reality is the opposite. Robot mowers are much safer than ordinary lawn mowers. 

Their engine is less powerful, so they don’t throw away the claws, the stones and the pieces of the branches with a great deal of thrust. 

They have a number of different sensors that provide information about the surrounding environment, and if there’s a threat, the robot’s work will stop.

Robot mowers save money.

Although the initial investment is large, the future cost is small. 

The electric motors of the robot mower are efficient and use a fraction of the energy compared to the petrol-powered mower. There is also no need to exchange oil and ignition plugs.

The maintenance needs of the robot mower are low, and a few times during the season the mower blades need to be changed. On average, after 2-5 years, a robot needs a new battery.Robot mowers save money

Robot mowers are quiet.

If petrol-powered mowers cause significant noise, robot mowers are usually quiet. Even so quiet that they can peacefully work at night without disturbing their neighbours’ sleep.

Beautiful lawn all the time.

The robot mower doesn’t rest, he mows the lawn every day. Thanks to continuous mowing, the mower only cuts a small piece of grass straw. The mowed part falls on the soil and becomes a fertilizer on the lawn. 

As the cut part is small, it can not be seen, nor can large mowed lawn pieces stick to the footwear anymore.

Dense mowing doesn’t like the moss in the lawn. The moss retreats slowly and the lawn can begin to grow again. 

So the lawn is always constant in length and looks taken care of.