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Does a robot mower fit in my garden?

Does a robot mower fit in my garden?

The question of whether a robot mower fits my garden rose as soon as I began to consider buying a robot mower. Now I dare say that a robot mower fits almost every garden.
There may be problems with staged, large slope or very articulated gardens.
A robot mower is not usually hampered by uneven ground – thanks to large traction wheels. You have to fill the steep and deep holes with the soil, otherwise the robot can get stuck in them. At the same time, the robot mower is small enough to observe the curvature of the surface. Nor are the ramp surfaces obstructed. Information on the maximum permissible inclination can be found in the specifications of the robot.
When selecting a robot mower, the size of the lawn area shall be monitored. The mower’s maximum capacity could be ~20% higher than the area that needs mowing.