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How to change the cutting blades of a robot mower?

Everything that moves – it takes. So do the blades of the robot mower.
After some work, the blades have become blunt. This can be seen when you look under the robot – the edges of the blade, which should be sharp, have become curved. In a worse case, the pieces of steel are out.
It’s time to put in the new blades.

How often should the robotmower blades be changed?

Depending on whether the robot mows all year or is “resting” in winter, the number of shifts depends. On average, winter grains should be changed between 1 and 6 times a year. 2-12 times for year-round mowing.

There’s not a single formula here. Grains should likely be changed at least once a year. It is often recommended to change once a month, but in my opinion, this is more true for larger surfaces, or if there are many fallen branches or cones in the garden that make the blade blunt.
It is best for the owner of a fresh robotic mower to check the condition of the blades from time to time. Later, it is possible to predict the time of changing the grains from the experience already acquired.

How to change the blade of a robot mower?

  1. Turn off the robot 
  2. If you can remove the battery from the robot 
  3. Find a suitable place to work 
  4. Turn the robot upside down 
  5. Turn the screwdriver or drill open the first blade 
  6. Install a new blade 
  7. If the screw is not pre-covered with a thread lock, add a drop to the thread 
  8. Turn the new screw shut 
  9. Repeat points 5-8 until all the blades have been changed 
  10. Turn the robot mower the right way 
  11. Install the battery if you removed it 
  12. Pre-deliver the robot mower to the mowing area if it is not there 
  13. Run the robot and make sure everything works